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Rubble Removal Experts in Johannesburg

We specialise in rubble removal in Johannesburg. Our high quality services include:

  • Garden rubble removal
  • Building rubble removal
  • Site and Industrial clean-ups
  • Hazardous removal

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Rubble Removal solutions
building rubble removal

Imagine getting home after a long day at the office and not being able to get into your drive way, or having to clamber over a pile of rocks in order to get to your front door.

Our chief concern is freeing the area of rubble, allowing our clients easier access to building sites and homes making your life easier by clearing away the unnecessary.


The rubble removal process

Rubble can be removed from an area in a number of ways. If it is a small load you could probably load a bakkie and take it to the dump yourself. But, building projects often deliver more rubble than we realise. There are some options that will make life easier and save you riding to the dump and back a hundred times.

  • You can hire a skip. These come in different sizes and will be delivered to you and removed once full or you no longer need somewhere to put all your rubble. Your building crew can just pile everything in to the bin, it's so much neater and easier to clean than piles of rubble on the ground.
  • Or you can use the services of a rubble removal company. They will remove all the rubble from the site and take it to be recycled or if it can't be recycled to the appropriate dumping facility. The rubble removal process aims at keeping your environment and the environment as a whole clean.

We endeavor to remove all kinds of rubble, there are however a few things which are not part of our service:
  • We do not remove reeds
  • We are not tree fellers, but will gladly take the tree away once it has been dealt with by a tree feller.
  • Walls should be broken down into rubble which we will then remove. (The breaking down of walls comes at an extra cost of R700 per day)
  • If our truck can not park right next to the rubble an additional labour fee of R100.00 will be charged.
  • We also rest on a Sunday

Get your Tree Rubble Removed across Johannesburg

Building materials

If you are breaking down walls then you will almost certainly need to build new ones!!! Logibrik are suppliers of a large variety of bricks and building materials.

Based in Randburg Logibrik is a supplier to a number of building concerns, including private builders throughout the country.

Gutter Cleaning in Johannesburg

We also offer Gutter Cleaning services in Johannesburg. Please visit our Gutter Cleaning page to hire our skilled technicians

Skip Hire

Unsurprisingly we also do skip hire in Johannesburg, to read up more about hiring a skip please visit:

The Benefits of Rubble Free Areas

  • Time saving
  • Environment is minimally impacted
  • Clear spaces minimise security risks
  • The beauty of Johannesburg is retained
  • Pests are controlled

A rubble free environment is a stress free environment